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The School of Computer Science Sub-forum Activity of the 5th Soaring Young Scholars Forum Was Successfully Concluded


[Jiang Hongmei, School of Computer Science] on April 15-17, the School of Computer Science Sub-forum Activity of the 5thSoaring Young Scholars Forum in Northwest Polytechnic University was successfully concluded.Nine young scholars from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong participated in the sub-forum activity.Leaders, team leaders, basic-level leaders, young teacher representatives and graduate students of the whole School of Computer Science participated in activities.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the participants and the party arrived at the building of School of Computer Science of Chang'an Campus, and Zhang Shengbing, vice-dean (presiding over the work), showed them the history gallery of the School and explained to them the history and achievements of the School in the past 60 years.


Subsequently, the School of Computer Science Sub-forum Colloquium was held in Conference Room 203 of the School.On behalf of the School, Zhang Shengbing extended a warm welcome to the young scholars and delivered a keynote speech, introducing the basic situation of the School and the policies and supporting measures of the University and the School in respect of talents; Shang Xuequn, vice-dean, introduced it from personnel training and international exchange; Deng Lei, vice-dean, focused on introducing the scientific research environment and platform of the School; Yu Zhiwen, Secretary of Party Committee, summed up the strengths of the disciplines of the School and its future development plan and warmly welcomed all scholars to join the School or engage in long-term cooperation and exchanges with the School.Scholars introduced their own basic situations and research contents.After the meeting, the scholars visited the relevant laboratories and had a preliminary exchange.


On the morning of the 16th, young scholars participated in the "International Talent Training Forum of School of Computer Science" held by the School to promote the cultivation of top international talents in Guoer Conference Room of Friendship Campus.Leaders of the School, basic-level leaders and leaders of the core courses attended the meeting.Dr. Zhang Ligang of Algorithm Research Institute, BT Imaging Company, Australia, delivered a keynote speech onExperience of Undergraduate Teaching in Australia - Taking IT Major of Central Queensland University as an Example, and Dr. Weiren Yu, Assistant Professor of Aston University, UK, delivered a keynote speech onExperience of Scientific Research Teaching in Aston University, UKat the conference.Scholars and teachers at the conference held a heated discussion on the goal of cultivating international talents in computer science, comparing the curriculum system and teaching quality system of universities at home and abroad.Scholars combined with their own learning and teaching experience to put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions.


On the afternoon of the 16th and the 17th, scholars went to the teams of relevant directions to deliver academic lectures respectively.


Participating scholars showed great enthusiasm for the activity of the School Sub-forum and actively participated in it.Some scholars expressed their willingness to come to work and apply for Thousand Young Talents relying on the University. Other scholars also indicated that they would strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the relevant teams of the School.At this point, the School of Computer Science Sub-forum Activity of the 5thSoaring Young Scholars Forum was successfully concluded.This activity played an important role in the introduction of high-level talents, international cooperation and exchange and international personnel training.

(Reviewedby: Yu Zhiwen)

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