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School of Computer Science Delegation Won the Only Special Award of the 20th "NPU Press Cup" Mathematical Model Competition


[Zhang Sheng, School of Computer Science] On May 15th,NPU PressMathematical Model Base Network announced the awarding list of the 20th "NPU PressCup" Mathematical Model Competition held in early May. School of Computer Science Delegation, represented by Yang Xingyu, Duan Wei, and Zheng Yifeng, has won the only Special Award.

Awarding List of the Competition

Special Award


Member 1

Member 2

Member 3

School of Computer Science

Yang Xingyu

Duan Wei

Zheng Yifeng

First Prize


Member 1

Member 2

Member 3

School of Aeroautics

Chen Qing

Wang Yaman

Wang Yiheng

School of Aeroautics

Liu Shuchang

Liu Mengyang

Li Wenshuo

School of Aeroautics

Liu Xiran

Li Peiqing

Zhang Zhuowei

The team has chosen Question A (about the solution to the problem of ship dispatch).From the perspectives of maximizing the margins and guaranteeing service quality, the solution to ship dispatch includes establishing multi-goal linear and nonlinear models, and analyzing the arrangement that maximizes both comprehensive margins including customer satisfaction and operative revenues of shipping company using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process), queuing theory, and quantitative techniques for decision making.


School of Computer Science has attached great importance to the mathematics model competition.Leaders in our School cheer for our students during the mathematics model competition every year. They encourage our students to take it serious, and offer food subsidies for them.Besides, guided by School of Computer Science, our undergraduates are encouraged to take part in competition at higher levels.During the MCM/ICM held in January of 2019, 9 students from School of Computer Science won M Prize (7.09% winning possibility) and 17 students from School of Computer Science won H Prize (15.35% winning possibility).

(Reviewed by: Xu Fangnuan)

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